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Creating a nation where

every child reads

Where content is Queen 

We make fabulous books for children, especially children with reading challenges. StoryPedagogy™ lives in our books, ebooks and app, bringing the joy of meaningful learning to children, helping them create a kinder, more equal world for all.

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Slum Communities served


School Partnerships across 17 states of India


Grassroots women impacted most positively!

9.2 million

Children and youth brought into the joy of reading!


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Katha Lab School

Imagine a whitewashed building in a huge slum cluster in India’s capital. No textbooks since 1990. Just storybooks to learn all subjects! 

See future entrepreneurs and IT whizz kids in classrooms abuzz with imaginative learning.

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Our Work with Governments

We work with the government to find solutions for pesky problems in education. We mainstream our StoryPedagogy™ to make learning fun in government schools. The KathaInside! schools are models for government primary schools in India.

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a municipal corporation school with KathaInside!
a community volunteer wth children

Our Work with Communities

With more than 100,000 grassroots volunteers — our gritty women and our awesome team of children & youth –our work in the under served communities is an amazing experience that is all set to spread wings to nearby States in India!

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Children as Storytellers!

Every child is a born storyteller! Katha enhances their natural writing skills with experienced mentors.

Katha’s exciting writing workshops in private and government schools;and juggis, create budding writers and poets for India!

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Story linked activities of every colour, shade and excitement, for young writers, storytellers and volunteers!

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“An educational jewel in India’s crown.”

Naoyuki Shinohara, Deputy Managing Director,International Monetary Fund

“Katha’s job is a wonderful example of changing lives through inspiring stories”

Jorge Cauz, President, Encyclopedia Britannica Inc.

“Katha stands as an exemplar for all the creative projects around the world that grapple with ordinary and dramatic misery in cities.”

Charles Landry, The Art of City Making