Why we’re different

..and why we will succeed

Tech as a lever

Archimedes famously said: Give me a lever and I will change the world! Good books and joy of reading are the levers we give our children with the help of technology

Urban storytelling

Project SherNama goes by the motto of bringing out the stories of children from our communities- the real stories of urban India

Geeks are good

Reading for fun and meaning is a great way to earn the title of a geek! A colourful array of books is what you get as a reward

We make learning fun

Katha hosts numerous events in it’s StoryShop, schools and learning centres that are focussed on spreading the joy of reading.

Our Impact


Communities served


School tie ups


Women Impacted



Spark a Revolution

Stand up with our children for a free, fair & fearless India. Let’s get started!

We are Storytellers

…But these are stories about us

Why Empathy is the Key to a Good Story

  By writing about others, we get to transcend our own thoughts, our own worlds, our own lives, and experience another’s. This is how we connect with the rest of humanity, through a story. Empathy teaches you to look at life through someone else’s lens. And when you start looking at life through someone else’s perspective, you…

Stepping into the Newsworld

Imagine a day without newspapers or any news channel at all! Imagine not knowing about major policy changes like demonetization before stepping out of your house? Or for that matter, not even knowing whether it’s going to rain. Today’s world is incomplete without newspapers. This is what all the young writers at Katha Utsav realized…

Young Writers Look Beyond Stereotypes

 A writer has the power to give voice to the unheard and liberate the world from the cages of stereotypes. Piyali Dasgupta, a writer,  and educator, in her heartwarming session with the budding writers at Katha Utsav, shares how a writer can find their true voice inside their heart in this busy world. Many assume that children are…

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