Young Writers Look Beyond Stereotypes

 A writer has the power to give voice to the unheard and liberate the world from the cages of stereotypes. Piyali Dasgupta, a writer,  and educator, in her heartwarming session with the budding writers at Katha Utsav, shares how a writer can find their true voice inside their heart in this busy world. Many assume that children are the most passive influencers or actors of social change. However, the session was a first-hand proof of how the reality is just the opposite.  “Why is it that differently abled people have to fight for rights that most of us have access to? “Why can girls and boys not be in a non-sexual relationship? Something we like to call a friendship only if the person concerned is of the same gender. “Why is it people assume that people of a certain age or region of the country “should” look a certain way? “Why do people often assume that if someone’s father is an alcoholic, the person would also grow up to be exactly the same way? “The blackboard of stereotypes- body image, family backgrounds, economic stereotypes and much more, actually captured how challenging it is to look beyond the sea of stereotypes and find your true self- your own story. We’re all trapped in stereotypes- some created by ourselves and the rest by the society. When the writers find their true voice, more often than not, they also give voice to many like them through their stories. This is why it is absolutely crucial that India’s budding writers’- the changemakers (as Katha likes to believe), look beyond what meets their eyes or what has already been talked about. It is individuality that gives writers a kaleidoscope of imagination with unlimited stories to explore and change the world one story at a time!  For all aspiring writers’ who                                                                                                            missed out on the event here’s a sneak peek:         
                                                                    Piyali’s special tip for all aspiring writers: “Be who you are – Your real, authentic and true self. You can chart your own course in life then.                                                                   You are Happiness yourself.”

Written by: Sruthi S.Devan