What We Do

Katha has been helping children grow up to be India’s reader–leaders. We work to enhance the joy of reading and the love of books among children.

Through cooperative action and activism, we bring together parents, teachers and everyone concerned about children’s lack of interest in reading. Katha’s various reading initiatives bring the flavours and colours of India alive to children across the socio-economic, linguistic and cultural divides.

Over the last 28 years, Katha’s two wings — Kalpavriksham and Katha Vilasam—have grown immensely while bringing the joy of reading to children and adults.

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Kalpavriksham - The Centre for Sustainable Learning

The Centre for Sustainable Learning was conceptualized in September 1989. Its main aims are:

  • To provide quality education that is both relevant and fun for children from non-literate families.
  • To develop creative teaching and learning material that uses story as its basis to develop the child’s motivation and ambition to excel.
  • To find, foster and applaud good teaching, through in-service and pre-service training.

Katha Vilasam - The Story Research and Resource Centre

Katha Vilasam is an endeavour towards carrying India’s tradition of storytelling forward. Since 1991, Katha Vilasam, the Story Research and Resource Centre, has fostered quality fiction from 21 Indian languages in the voice of over 600 writers and translators, bringing the best of these diverse worlds to a wider readership.

Today, we have over 300 published titles, including picture books for children, novels, poetry, biographies, critical essays and commentaries, anthologies of award-winning stories from master storytellers, stories that subvert stereotypes and celebrate the glorious polyphonous multiplicity that is India.