The Glass Tree

The Glass Tree, by M Mukundan, with Art by Poonam Athalye is the next new title you should look out for on your visit to the Katha StoryShop!

Unni has lots and lots of stories to tell. And his grandmother cannot go to sleep without one of Unni’s colourful tales.

A delightful retelling of the original prize-winning Malayalam story, just for your little storyteller!

Complete with lovely illustrations and descriptive accounts, this book promises to transfer one to the fascinating world of Kuruman, a Chief who prays in front of the very old champaka tree. And of Melkorren who takes to building a new tree for Kuruman… one that will never die… The Glass Tree.
This ‘Unnikatha’ is full of vivid imagination. Pleasant and amusing!

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harshvardhan kadam
December 12, 2011 at 10:12 AM

ohh! NICE! Poonam, i wanna see it!!!