Stepping into the Newsworld

Imagine a day without newspapers or any news channel at all! Imagine not knowing about major policy changes like demonetization before stepping out of your house? Or for that matter, not even knowing whether it’s going to rain.

Today’s world is inIMG_6765.JPGcomplete without newspapers. This is what all the young writers at Katha Utsav realized during their interactive session with Sangeeta Baruah, Deputy Editor, The Wire. ewspapers let us know about the global issues surrounding us and inspire us to act towards a solution. It’s the ideal place for any young writer trying to bring about a social change with their writing. Mark  wain once said, ” A newspaper is not just for reporting the news as it is, but to make people mad enough to do something about  ” However, how does one ensure that their writing stands out in the big heap of over 2 million articles that are published each day?  Sangeeta  ruah, shared with the Kaha Utsav finalists, her wisdom on how to draft the first few lines (or the hook as she calls it) and make sure that their writing stands out to transform lives. She intricately xplained to the participants every nuance that goes in to writing a news ticle, what makes it authentic and reliable, how it gives voices to those who need to be heard and how it empowers the iety with knowledge and information.  “I got to know how so much about journalism and meet so many people from such diverse backgrounds here. I can’t wait to add that element of cultural diversity to my writing” said Muskaan Tiwari, a 16-year-old aspiring journalist and Katha Utsav finalist from APS Bollaram, Sikandrabad, Hyderabad. We’re 2 days into the National Writers’ Workshop and the excitement is increasing with every hour.  For all aspiring writers’ and journalists, here’s Sangeeta  Baruah’s quick tip from her session:

Written by: Sruthi S.Devan