Shadow Parliament at Katha Lab School

Day 1 | Shadow Parliament on Land Acquisition Bill
Day 2 | Final Debate
On 2nd March 2015, Katha Social Work Institute presented Shadow Parliament “On Land Acquisition Bill 2015” at Katha Lab School.  

As we know the children from Hulgulwadi (Age 7-10 years) to Khojwadi (Age 13-14 years), drives its education model on a single powerful idea; that children can make a difference to their communities! We are the future! We are the change! Hence students of the Katha Social Work Institute [KaSWi] come with ideas to present a shadow parliament on the land acquisition issue.

A student moderator worked as a speaker of the Parliament spoke clearly and kept everyone on task in a respectful manner. The Speaker formally introduces the debate topic and recognizes students to speak alternating between pros and cons. The debate ends with closing statements from both sides. The closing statement restated the opinions with strong supporting evidence.