Launch of Big Katha Book of Dogs and Celebration of Children’s Day

Katha’s always believed that stories have the power to transform our lives and the world we live in. With all the burnings, killings and abandonment of dogs, we started questioning the existence of compassion that should be an inherent quality in all human beings. And since Katha believes that children are the changemakers, on November 14th, Katha’s “My Big Book of Dogs” was launched by Padmashri, Kathak Guru  Ms. Shovana Narayan during the Children’s Day celebration at the hub of Katha’s education innovation- Katha Lab School, Govindpuri. This book aims to evoke kindness towards animals among children and inculcate the value of compassion through reading.

After surprising the children at Katha Lab School with Katha’s latest- My Big Book of Dogs and Padmashri Shovana Narayan’s visit, the school had another surprise for the children- A tour of the world with Virtual Reality glasses! For the first time in their lives, over 500 children of our school in Govindpuri experienced (virtually) paragliding, forests of Amazon, coral reef and other amazing things.

The surprises weren’t just limited to the children at Katha Lab School. In the evening, the Kathakaars (storytellers) set out in their Katha Karavan and conducted spontaneous storytelling sessions for children at various locations in Delhi ( India Gate, Jantar Mantar and  Select Citywalk). To match the theme, the Katha Karavan reached the venues with an interactive play about animal cruelty, awareness and love towards them to a crowd of about 10,000 people at all the three places.Children were given a platform to speak their heart and mind and share their experiences with dogs on the Karavan. A lot of kids showed enthusiasm towards the fancy costume and stories. This helped us draw them to our cause and to the books that we  had at hand. Our caravan went all around the city with the message wrapped up in  an adorable costume with a heartwarming story. And the reception was well received.