Katha Holistic Early Learning (KHEL!)

Katha has helped many teachers’ hone their skills and abilities. Katha’s guiding principle is to transform the teacher into a ‘reflective practitioner’ who is herself a thinker, learner and above all a knowledge originator. Katha’s teacher training insists on quality education of teachers that will help them bring sustainable enjoyment to all children. When we engage teachers, we also engage students. Katha’s experience of working with learners for many years, both in the field of education and publishing, has given our teachers a special insight into the thought process of a child’s mind.

Based on these learning, Katha has developed this unique teacher training program using Katha’s unique Story Pedagogy especially for primary school teachers. The training program is especially designed in a way that is sensitive to the needs of a teacher working in communities with disadvantage and vulnerable children. Through activities which are thought provoking and exciting, teachers are introduced to ideas and skills which will motivate them, and keep them well informed as well as effective at managing tool and schools and childhood centers.

In our innovative KHEL! workshops, teachers are equipped with skills of story telling through interactive story sessions and participation. We use stories in classroom wherein it is impressed upon how stories can be used in curriculum through integrated teaching and to develop meaningful Teaching Learning Aids. Advocacy through leadership  helps the teachers understand our society and to learn to break biases. Community participation for teachers focuses on community and the school- strengthening the linkages and community empowerment strategies. Leadership in school includes introduction to leadership qualities in school and communities and understanding personal leadership qualities. This enables teachers to be leaders.

The takeaway from these workshops for our teachers is to use storytelling as an effective tool in the classrooms, to interact with the children, and also introduce old and new relevant ideas in softly persuasive ways in both the school and community.

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Davendra Gupta
March 05, 2015 at 12:03 AM

Nice to read about this publication;
Sushma has translated about 700 folktales from Africa, canada and other countries; some of them have been published on Scribed;
read more on her side;