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Are you a dreamer-doer?Do you like to weave fantasies,mysteries, action-packed adventures, thrillers, sci-fis or poems?Do you think your writing can change the world?

If we just heard you say ‘YES’, here’s your chance to be a reader-leader.Pick up your pen and paper. Let your ideas and imagination flow.Be a part of Katha’s unique Be a part of Katha’s unique writers’ workshops to enhance your imagination, to create incredible characters and settings, to think up eye- popping plots, and to learn the tips and tricks that would put the WOW in your writing!


Schools online registration at 3 July to 31 August, 2017
Registered schools hold in-school Search for Excellence 16 July to 22 August, 2017
Payment of participation fees by the schools 16 July to 12 September, 2017
Deadline for online submission of chosen stories 16 July to 12 September, 2017
Announcement of semi-finalists for Regional Writers’ Workshops 25 September, 2017
Regional Writers’ Workshops October-November, 2017
Announcement of finalists for the National Katha Utsav 2017 14th November
National Katha Utsav 2017, Katha Awards Ceremony 27-30th December, 2017