Katha Regional Writers’ Workshop, 2016

Katha thrives on a belief that stories enhance our understanding of the contemporary in context with the historical in our lives; stories help us to view literature as a means to transform the self, and the spaces we inhabit.

Katha has been working in the areas of creative writing and translation for over 28 years. To enhance the joy of reading, Katha launched the I Love Reading Campaign in 2006, across over 500 corporation schools and slums of Delhi. In an attempt to extend the creative web-bridge and to nurture the latent creative writing skills in children, the I Love Reading programme took epic proportions- Katha’s Search for Excellence in Creative Writing – a creative writing programme was born.

Katha’s Search for Excellence in Creative Writing programme promotes creative writing, illustrations, and translations for children from the age group of 8-17 who currently attend schools across India and schools abroad. The programme seeks to nurture the creative instincts in India’s children,  give  them  a  platform  to  share  their  writing,  and  celebrate  their  work,  thereby  inspiring generations of future writers and create reader-leaders!

This year 750 national and international schools organized Katha’s on the spot Search for Excellence competition and the best writings from over 5000 children, the submitted stories and translations were selected and uploaded to www.ilovereading.in.

A jury was formed to screen the online student submissions. 1000+ semi-finalists were selected for the Four Regional Writers Workshops, in East, North, West and South India.

The workshop is organised every year by Katha. More than 400 students from national and international schools are participating in the two-day workshop mentored by eminent personalities from media, literature and publishing.

“Becoming an author is not seen as an easy career. But, Katha workshops are very inspirational. The mentors help us think out of the box and tell us ways to be more expressive,” says Heera Sen, a student of Indian School from Muscat, Oman, who aspired to be an author.

The mentors helping the students this year are Arunima Mazumdar, Kala Ramesh, Kamal Pruthi, Rashmi Chaudhary, Sangeeta Barooah Pisharoty, Shrutika Mathur, Vikramjit Singh Rooprai, Vikram Abhishek Mall, Padmakshi Patowary, Monisha Duara, Muktaul Hussain, Meghali Hazarika, Dr. Aneeta Taye, Kala Ramesh, Vikram Sridhar, Lavanya Prasad, Prathima Shwaas, Shravanti Talluri, Suverchala Kashyap, Drashil Shashtri, Arundhati Sridhar, Tanisha Venkani and Taha Menon.

The upcoming event now on the Katha calendar is the Katha Utsav on 27,28 and 29 December, 2016.