e-reading kit- Hulgul ka Pitara


In India today, out of the 150 million children enrolled in pre-primary and primary education 50% cannot read at grade level. We need a quick, frugal and an efficient solution to reach out to 150 million children in the age group of 4 to 10 years. Our Vision at Katha is every child reading well, for fun and meaning, to create a sustainable world for all. For us every child is a Reader-Leader.


We, at Katha also firmly believe that books nurture amongst children a love for reading and most importantly make them proactive, responsible individuals.


With the spread of technology where internet and phones are easily accessible Katha has designed e-learning platform for our children. We believe that every child is a learner and we hope technology will help us reach out to each child one at a time.


Katha’s e-Reading Kit: Hulgul ka Pitara is based on our tried and tested story pedagogy. We have designed these books where the child can learn to read basic Hindi in 60 days.


The reading kit consists of five fun books.


  1. Ek Tha Mota Raja
  2. GiliGili Gola
  3. Adha Ujha Raja Adha
  4. Udhanchoo
  5. 5. Abu aur badi Hawa


The stories are humorous, relatable and filled with tongue twisters keeping in mind Katha’s commitment to spread the joy of reading among the underprivileged children.


Each e-book is full of colours and is animated with audio sound and lots of fun music which will motivate the child to read and enhance her learning skills. Like all Katha books, the e-kit also has fun-filled activities where the child learns the language through guided practice and fun. The books and activities are graded so that the child first gets comfortable with 3 to 4 sentences and then once she develops the confidence she gradually learns to read. The stories and activities are designed in such a manner that we hope that by the end of sixty days the child would not only read for fun and meaning but also become aware, kind and compassionate to her immediate environment.


Coming soon on Android Playstore!