Katha launches the first ever Hindi teacher resource website!

Katha launches padhopyarse.net, the first event Hindi-language teacher resource website on 26 March 2015. Katha Reading Excellence & Teacher Education (KREATE) centreproposes a bricks & clicks initiative for teacher education to create engaged teachers who create a nation of engaged students.


KREATE was conceptualized by Mrs. Geeta Dharmarajan, Padma Shri, Founder & President of  Katha.


The pilot phase of the project is supported by Tech Mahindra Foundation.


The website will convert Katha’s NCERT-based classroom materials that have been highly successful with students from underserved/poor communities into quality e-classroom materials/videos on best practices etc.  It aims at digital inclusion for teachers who cannot access the wealth of teaching-learning resources available online because of language and context barriers. Furthermore this is a sustainable means for Katha to share its rich culturally relevant resources for teachers and schools on an open-source, digital platform. Additionally, create a space for interaction, idea-sharing and experience exchange.


To start with, Katha envisioned to teach one teacher/school to access the Cloud, thereby encouraging the school to use them regularly. Katha hand-holds the other teachers. Katha is a grassroots Indian non-profit organization that for the last 25 years has been empowering children to become agents of change through quality education, teacher training, and world-class book publishing.  padhopyarse.net aims to promote this mission with the addition of digital inclusion and sustainability. 

The idea is to host these on a special website/Cloud server, making them accessible to first Delhi schools as pilot; then to village schools at the end of the broadband to Panchayats that Government of India is working on. The attempt is to reach out to many Hindi-Medium teachers across India. Although the team at Katha directly worked with approximately 75 MCD schools and 100 teachers during the pilot, it hopes that the website will be more widely used by teachers across India’s Hindi speaking areas. Furthermore the goal is to support teachers in making classrooms more innovative and improving the quality of learning, therefore impacting over 15,000 children in the pilot MCD schools, and many more in the future.

Through this program, MCD teachers will have a long term benefit. Benefits include access to Hindi-language resources, as well as a community of teachers to discuss, share and ideate with. Long term plan includes aim to provide support training to a much larger number of schools, and expand the content resources available on the website. The website aims to create a virtual database which teachers can both access and contribute to, along with an online community forum where teachers can exchange ideas, best practices and experiences.