Teachers at Katha Lab School

Katha trains teachers to actively engage K-12 class students using Katha’ s unique Story Pedagogy©, that helps them to think, ask, discuss, and act to become responsive, responsible citizens. Katha’s training also enables teachers to develop learning materials that link classroom concepts to their own lives to ensure that learning is relevant and holistic. Katha’s teacher training program is a platform where teachers brainstorm and collaborate in developing curriculum and teaching materials for the upcoming academic year. Teachers also interact with educationists and other experts who help the teachers in building their capacity.

They learn to use tools such as discussion, dance, games, debate, and video in engaging the students.

Through the I Love Reading Program, Katha’s trainers also provide capacity building to teachers employed in Delhi government schools. This transfer of knowledge and best teaching practices seeks to make Katha’s involvement in the government schools sustainable even after Katha’s reading program is completed. Katha trains 1,700 teachers and reading mentors each year who bring quality education and reading support to over 80,000 children.