Katha IT and E-commerce School (KITES) is a programme which offers quality IT education to children as well as the men and women from the communities to enhance opportunities for them. This innovative centre has proven to be one of the most successful and unique projects in Delhi’s slums.


Working with British Telecommunications (BT), one of the major private sector companies in Europe and an acclaimed provider of telecommunication services over the world, Katha has created a huge impact on children in slums.

Katha has been working in Govindpuri for the past seventeen years and has pinpointed the lack of high quality, motivating education as a key problem holding the community back. Many children as young as six drop out of formal school with few skills and begin working in low income jobs with no hope of improving their situation. KITES gives these underprivileged children access to new and valuable skills. The school aims to transform the children into skilled and knowledgeable workers, able to support their families and take their place in India’s IT age.

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