Katha Lab School children in Festival of Innovations

Children Creativity and Co-creation Camp: 
Innovations by children for children and the family
Aman Sharma, Preeti Kumari and Rafiq Khan at the Rashtrapati Bhawan
Children Creativity and Co-creation Camp was organized to develop an operational framework for empowering children to not only articulate their problems but also to find solutions both individually and collectively.  This program was organized by SRISHTI and NIF (National Innovation Foundation) who helps to understand how young children can be significant part of the national innovation value chain.   The Inverted Model of Innovation implies that children ideate/innovate; fabricators design and companies/agencies diffuse commercially or socially.  Involvement of children in solving their challenges  help understand micro and macro strategies, which can mobilize the creative potential of children around the world for overcoming persistent social inertia in developing countries. 
Children doing the activity
 3 children from KLS , Aman Sharma, Preeti  Kumari and  Rafiq Khan  went to Rashtrapati Bhawan (President of India Residence), New Delhi during Festival of Innovations (FOIN)  to take part in the event known as Children Creativity and Co-creation Camp: 
Innovations by children for children and the family on 9-10th March, 2015.  

In these two days children got an exposure to the different solutions of real life problems . They got confidence when they saw that other children and common people have done innovations.
Preeti presenting her thoughts
  • Children in the age group of 5 to 17 years were invited for the workshop to solve challenges faced by the children.
  • On the first half of the Day 1, children were given an exposure to exhibition of innovations by children, technology students and people at the grassroots like farmers, mechanics. 
  • On the second half of the Day 1, the children were  briefed for fieldwork. They visited  Bhalaswa, a slum site of Delhi to generate empathy among children, which  would  make children to think hard about what needs to be done.  
  • On 10th March, 2015, children made their presentation with the assistance from the coordinators. After lunch, there was a discussion on changing pedagogues and ways in which partnership between privileged and underprivileged children could help to find solutions for both.

Hence the children of KLS came up with the idea on protecting sewage workers from risks to health
KLS children showing their innovation to Prof. Gupta
They have seen in their community each year, local authority employees, sludge tanker drivers construction workers suffer from at least mild cases of gastroenteritis, but potentially fatal diseases, such as leptospirosis and hepatitis, cramping stomach pains, diarrhea ,vomiting; a flu-like illness with persistent and severe headache, transmitted by rat urine. Damage to liver, kidneys and blood may occur and the condition can be fatal; infection of skin or eyes.

They came up with an idea that to protect sewage workers from risks to health, workers  exposure to sewage should be eliminated or minimized.  This could be done by using remote-controlled robots, and  robotic cameras for sewer inspection; sieving of solid wastes from sewage for proper flow or clean of drains and sewage.

Prof. Anil Kumar Gupta, Executive Vice Chairperson of  National Innovation Foundation –India, an autonomous body of Department Of Science And Technology, GOI,  praised Katha children for their innovation and wished to select their innovation for IGNITE 15.