Katha Josh gives wings to sports!

On 14th February, 2015, 25 Katha Josh children participated in Concern India Foundation’s Annual “Inter NGO Sports Day”. This event was designed to provide the children with a platform to develop their confidence and self-esteem. Healthy competition was encouraged. This participation  inculcated a spirit of sportsmanship in children and pushed them to challenge themselves and surpass their limitations. It also provided an opportunity to interact with other enthusiastic children like them. 

Katha children participated with 
unmatched enthusiasm at all events, be it athletics, long jump or shot put.  Some of them had a natural talent that was bursting to get out, evident in their powerful strides and pumping fists. The winners’ certificates and medals were handed out right after each final round . The children had a fun day out, got to exercise their sporting abilities and came back with much-valued certificates and  medals. 

There was 2 teams of 12 students each from junior and senior wing. Both the teams got 2nd positions in three legged race and relay .