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In its quest of spreading the joy of reading to children, Katha has worked closely with the media. The channel has played a critical role in contributing to the public knowledge of Katha and has helped ‘the literacy to literary movement’ gain momentum by helping us gain visibility and feedback.

Good is in the Detail

Daily, on his way to school, 13-year-old Arya Anand, would notice members from the transgender community.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, USA

The Katha School: Where Learning Matters By Richard Hanzelka inEducational Leadership: Educating the Whole Child”

The 86 percent solution

How to succeed in the biggest market opportunity of the next 50 years. Vijay Mahajan, Kamini Banga, Robert E. Gunther | Wharton School Publishing, 2006

Katha School creates IT Savvy Kids

in a Delhi Slum Community Vignesh Sornamohan on September 14, 2007. There are a few private, un-aided and un-recognized schools like Katha,

From BT Chairman’s Report, 2008

For example, when your Board recently held a meeting in India, we were able to see the marvellous work that the Katha IT and E-commerce School (KITES) – which BT supports – is doing for kids in one of Delhi’s slum

Why not the best schools?

What we have learnt from outstanding schools around the world. By Brian J. Caldwell, Jessica Harris | Australian Council for Ed Research, 2008

Low Cost Private Education in India

Challenges and Way Forward … 2011 Nupur Garg. MIT Sloan School of Management … [pg 26]

The role of information and communication technologies in global development

By Abdul Basit Haqqani | United Nations ICT Task Force | Analyses and Policy recommendations

Geeta Dharmarajan’s Katha uses stories to change slum-dwelling children’s destinies

The nature of urban poverty poses problems especially for the most vulnerable group, the children. With a special focus on underprivileged children in the slums of Delhi,

How Thousands of Children in Indian Slums Are Learning through Colourful Storybooks

As a result of her efforts, Katha soon became a publisher of children’s books as well. Katha books have simple stories, accompanied with beautiful illustrations,

Katha To Help 300 million Underprivileged Children Through Digital Library

An E-Kit has been developed and is launching 5 books in an interactive manner. Volunteers can use this e-kit to help another child read and learn 250 words in 3 months.

Each one teach one

Shehzadi doesn’t quite look like a teacher. And that’s not surprising, for she is only 11. But the resident of a Govindpuri slum in south Delhi has a mission — to help other children learn.

A ‘challenge’ to improve child literacy launched

Katha founder Geeta Dharmarajan said, “Children deserve quality education. We are saying that India will be a superpower.

Her place under the sun

Though this initiative, Katha promotes creative writing and translation among students of the CBSE run schools.

A new way of learning to challenge poverty

From scratch in 1988 she built up a community-based organisation, Katha, and what she calls a “de-school”, established in 1990, in a former block of one-room dwellings, to bring a new way of learning,

Australian embassy, NGO launch reading program for kids

The Australian High Commission, in collaboration with a Delhi based NGO, Katha, on Thursday, launched a programme to inculcate reading habits among underprivileged children in Delhi.

Millennium Alliance supports Katha initiative 300M

The 300M Challenge volunteers and mentors will focus on children between the ages of 5 and 10, encouraging them to read with the use of colorful books and community libraries.

SDMC sets up first-of-its-kind robotic land in South Extension

The initiative has been implemented in partnership with the Katha, an NGO that works in education sector.

Indian schoolchildren give Prince of Wales birthday cake

Until the school was launched by Geeta Dharmarajan, few of the neighbourhood’s families sent their children to school.

Spread the joy of reading: Donate books to the less privileged

Katha works with underserved children by bringing quality education and reading within their reach.

14 Children's book publishers we love

Homegrown children’s books are not a new phenomenon, but they are certainly coming into their own.

Australian embassy, NGO launch reading program for kids

The Australian High Commission, in collaboration with a Delhi based NGO, Katha, on Thursday,

A digital route to make children love reading

There are 150 million children who can read, and 150 million who cannot. If children can make the difference,

Sheila lauds NGO for work on women's uplift

At a function organised by NGO Katha at India Habitat Centre, they were conferred the title of `Dilli ki Shaan’.

Translation as reclamation

THE translation scenario has never looked better in India. Most publishing houses, OUP, Katha, Kali, Stree, IndiaInk, Indialog, Penguin,

From the slums of Delhi to the Himalayan foothills, India has a world to offer the young gapper, writes Tim Walker

The colour has drained from Jennifer’s face. In fact, she looks positively terrified. She’s 18, and this is the first time she’s been away from home without her parents.

How KITE changed these children's lives

Jyoti, Simoli, Irfan, Laxmi and Tehmina are some of the underprivileged children that live in Delhi’s large slum area, Govindpuri.

Beautiful story

Scrolling down the students’ blog of Katha, the non-profit organisation in the National Capital which runs schools for underprivileged children living in 248 slums,

Conquering the cloud

Using the technology plank, Katha, an organisation that has worked in the space of storytelling for the past 25 years,

Rooted in diversity

Translating and narrating stories from various languages of India since 1988, Katha has over 300 published titles that introduce young readers to the heterogeneity of our country.

Katha, Britannica ink pact to promote Indian children’s stories

A memorandum was signed between Sarvesh Shrivastava, managing director, South Asia, Encyclopaedia Britannica,

Stories without borders

At the Katha Lab School in Govindpuri, a unique experiment took flight recently.

Budding writers

“If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write. As simple as that,” author Stephen King has said.

To make stories more affordable, Katha is all set to launch e-books

Using the technology plank, Katha, an organisation that has worked in the space of storytelling for the past 25 years,

Educationist Geeta Dharmarajan on her recipe to promote critical thinking in children

During these gruelling winter months in Delhi, one has forever prayed for a spot of sun.

The maya of education

‘WRITE,’ she orders, and I’m once again that 31 year old on her first visit to a Delhi newspaper office – just write!

Storytellers battle for books, in world of e-tales

BENGALURU: The Katha Children’s Writer’s Festival just concluded and saw participation from around 200 children from across the city.

Writing their own stories

Its usually children who bring out the most intriguing stories with their imaginative skills.

Workshop to help children write stories

BENGALURU : Get set for the annual Children’s Writer’s Festival where over 200 students will receive one-on-one mentorship from six prominent and award-winning writers,

How Working With Children Made Me Realise The Healing Effect Of Writing

16-year-old Ritu Kumari (name changed) from Haryana grew up listening to easy exchanges about sex-selective abortions and female infanticide.

What Being Able To Read Means For 150 Million Indian Children Like Me

Today’s learning needs innovation and collaboration. According to a UNESCO report, India can achieve its goal of universal reading only by 2050.

The Struggle Of 3 Girls In Delhi Will Make You See The Power Of Quality Education

Our education system has been fragmented by various socio-economic and cultural factor and policies. As Firstpost reported,

6 Books To Fill Your Heart With Some Christmas Cheer

Charles Dickens’ famous story “A Christmas Carol”, Uncle Scrooge starts off as a resentful, angry and irritable man,

Where the story takes you: The journey of publishing house ‘Katha’

The afterlife of a story, Geeta Dharmarajan, tells me, is tied to its readers, to the places they take its memories to.

Teaching kids through storytelling

When Geeta dharamarajan hershey Godness hero for.Delhi times started katha an NGO to educate children in Delhi.

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