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In its quest of spreading the joy of reading to children, Katha has worked closely with the media. The channel has played a critical role in contributing to the public knowledge of Katha and has helped ‘the literacy to literary movement’ gain momentum by helping us gain visibility and feedback.

From BT Chairman’s Report, 2008

For example, when your Board recently held a meeting in India, we were able to see the marvellous work that the Katha IT and E-commerce School (KITES) – which BT supports – is doing for kids in one of Delhi’s slum

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, USA

The Katha School: Where Learning Matters By Richard Hanzelka inEducational Leadership: Educating the Whole Child” “May 2007 | Volume 64 | Number 8 Educating the Whole Child 2006

World-Class Katha.

Why not the best schools?

What we have learnt from outstanding schools around the world. By Brian J. Caldwell, Jessica Harris | Australian Council for Ed Research, 2008

The 86 percent solution

How to succeed in the biggest market opportunity of the next 50 years. Vijay Mahajan, Kamini Banga, Robert E. Gunther | Wharton School Publishing, 2006

Katha School creates IT Savvy Kids

in a Delhi Slum Community Vignesh Sornamohan on September 14

Katha School creates IT Savvy Kids

in a Delhi Slum Community Vignesh Sornamohan on September 14, 2007. There are a few private, un-aided and un-recognized schools like Katha, which serves the educational needs of the local population.

Low Cost Private Education in India

Challenges and Way Forward … 2011 Nupur Garg. MIT Sloan School of Management … [pg 26]

Asia Society Special Report. August 2010 [pgs 72-74]

Tuesday, 16 August 2011 Some nice photos at

The role of information and communication technologies in global development

By Abdul Basit Haqqani | United Nations ICT Task Force | Analyses and Policy recommendations

Katha-Intel Computer Clubhouse:

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