Katha Digital Lab

using tech as a lever

Leveraging Technology for Quality Education

The Katha Digital Lab (KaDL) aims at leveraging Katha’s three decades rich experience in using its recognised Storypedagogy© onto today’s digital tools to help children grow up to be reader–leaders.

Over the years, through cooperative action and activism, Katha has brought together parents, teachers, government, donors and volunteers to work on projects impacting more than 1 million children. Therefore, through KaDL, Katha hopes to broaden its horizons and create a national and international impact on how we look at education- in quicker, frugal and efficient ways.

KaDL, (which incidentally also means ocean in Tamil) helps key stakeholders bring together new digital edu-programs, experiment with digital tools, explore digital media’s potential and discover new pedagogical techniques to improve a child’s experience inside and outside the classroom.

Hulgul Ka Pitaara

Our mobile app uses the power of immersive digital storytelling as a legitimate pedagogical tool that would be used to bring children into reading for fun and meaning. Stories are accompanied with captivating animations, voiceover, audio and assessment activities. 



We animate our award-winning stories in order to bring its characters and contexts to life

 Digital Marketing

We use digital marketing and media tools to get volunteers, donors, books buyers and other stakeholders on board digitally to keep collective action going

Experience Design  

Ground breaking user experiences based on child-centered design principles and user testing in undeserved communities

Game design

We conceptualize, design and develop games that assess reading level, comprehension and assimilation

Product Engineering

We develop websites and applications that help us make use of digital tools for community interventions and e-learning


We impart training on all digital fronts to young adults and make them effective change agents