Imagine your childhood without your school friends, that favourite teacher, the school-bus rides, the uniforms, the bags, bottles and buckled shoes. Imagine no hand holding your hand with a pencil to help write that first alphabet, not knowing how to write your name or being able to spell it.

Education defines us. Not just the knowledge, but its source as well. The text, what we understand of it, how much of it remains with us all together makes us what we are. Our interests, ideas, ideals and philosophies are all shaped from the education we receive. Imagine being robbed of all of these; not having this chance to read, write and learn.

The gift of education, the one we consider so basic that it never occurs to us otherwise, is really priceless. And it’s a gift that many children are deprived of. What if you could offer this gift to someone? A gift at par with the gift of Life; of Life’s purpose. Gift someone an Identity today. Donate Today!


A small financial donation is the easiest way to work to contribute to the 300 Million Project! All contributions are tax deductible. We maximize the impact of your donation! 100% of your donation (minus credit card processing fees) goes towards spreading the joy of reading! We use innovative solutions, have a large volunteer-driven program, and leverage grass-root resources to keep our costs down and still make high impact.

  • $22 (10 books)
  • A set of 50 books to a community library (250$/yr)- Lib will display your name or the person you dedicate the library to)
  • A Katha Fellow (60$/month)  
  • Community Influencer/advocate training: (10$/woman)