Donate Books!

You give the joy of reading to someone when you donate your used books to us. Katha, along with its partners, has numerous book collection centres where you can donate the books that might just be piling up in corners, desks, cupboards and gathering dust.

Katha will help your old or gently used books to reach in the hands of people who need them by donating your used books to COOL! (Community Owned and Operated Libraries) in Delhi and beyond. Your used-book donations can help a young child learn to love to read.


How do I donate books?

Write to us to do a books donation drive at your organisation or to make a large donation from your library!

Look at the map above, and find the a COOL centre or a 300m Challenge! library near youand once you click on one, please call the number to confirm your date and time of arrival. We will gladly accept your contribution!

Where do the books go?

We run more than 60 libraries, either as a COOL! (Community owned and operated library) or as a 300m Library under partnerships with 300m Challenge Alliance organisations!

Your donated books are carefully curated and sent to these libraries! Do you want to start a library with us? Please write to

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Join the 1000’s of individuals who are already contributing each month to make every child read and get an education. Donate now!

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Donate books!

We’re building many community owned and operated libraries all over Delhi! Donate your books at your nearest Katha book collection centre today. Donate now!

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