Our Communities

The Katha communities elucidate the power of many. It is an endeavour to connect people and create a global community. At the heart of this effort is recognition of the vital role that art and culture play in enhancing economic development—one that exploits the vital linkages between art, literature and commerce, and in the process, development of the economy and society.

If you feel strongly about children, the education of working children, women and equity, community revitalization, story, storytelling or the vast territory that’s story in education, you belong with us!


DOYTs! [Delhi One Youth Teams] are Katha’s cadre of young people living in underserved communities to serve as reading mentors. They are the youth in 50 slums, and are our lifelines! They are entrepreneurial and eager to help. Over time, each year, our DOYTs have brought some 45,000 children into reading, across Delhi. And now, the young Reader-Leaders are ready to become DOYTs themselves! The present DOYTs are taking charge of Community Owned and Operated Libraries (COOL!). They just DO-IT!

They learn by doing things as members of DOYTs, forging and nourishing school-community linkages for sustainable and relevant learning that benefits all and by linking the 100 centres, so that they are able to share common community concerns, debate, network, and devise solutions.

MA-Mandal & Katha Shakti

In 1990, to help our children come regularly to school, Katha decided to help women earn more. The Teacher Training Programme as well as Katha Shakti, a co-operative of about 27 women, became successful examples of the empowerment revolution in our community. And, as the women’s earnings went up, more children started coming to school!

A group of women members started the Ma-Mandal in 1992/3 with Katha. The ‘Ma-Mandal’ group epitomizes Katha’s efforts towards women’s representation and empowerment and is now largely self-reliant/empowered and acts as Katha’s most important instrument in promoting Katha’s mission of development through education and empowerment in the communities.


KHEL, which stands for Katha Holistic Early Learning programme/centre- looks after Project COOL! (Community Owned and Operated Libraries) and SherNama. Read more about the projects here.

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