India has always been a land of storytellers. “Katha” or the narrative is a valued heritage that has moved from oral traditions to written texts, from the heard word to the read word. Today, in times so influenced by software and multimedia, Katha strives to keep our great storytelling traditions alive by publishing culturally distinctive children’s literature.


Started in 1989 Katha has been recognized and awarded for its efforts worldwide. Katha’s children’s publishing programme boosts reading initiatives with stories that have been explored in-depth for their effect on impressionable young minds. Our books introduce children to the diverse regional influences of our own country as well as to international bestsellers for different age groups. All our books are published both in English and Hindi, to provide a boost to a child’s vocabulary and imagination. Katha therefore, has been awarded many accolades for its work in the decades of its service:

  • Winner of Promising Practices Award 2015 for Katha’s innovative Story Pedagogy for all grade levels.
5 times nominated for Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016!
Winner of Millennium Alliance Award 2013 for our innovative I Love Reading programme.
Winner of ICICI India Inclusive Award 2012.
  • Moon, Ramu and I won the Darsana National Award 2011 for the Best Children’s Book.


  • Bioscope was included in the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) list in 2011.


  • My Haiku Moments: An Activity Book for Young Haiku Lovers received Honourable Mention for Best Book for Children by the Haiku Society of America.


  • Chouboli and Other Stories, Volume II, won the A K Ramanujan Book Prize for Translation 2012 and the Asian Publishing Award 2011 in the Best Book Category.


  • Not Flowers of Henna, Jai Ratan’s translation received Jury’s Commendation at the Muse India National Award 2011.


  • Aamu’s Kawandi was shortlisted for the prestigious The Hindu Young World-Goodbooks Award 2017 in the illustrations category.

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