A Woman with a Stain

Anurupa Dutta Class-XI

DPS R.K.Puram Delhi

Katha Utsav 2016

All the blood in my cheeks dries up,
Leaving behind an ashen face.
As I look up at the calendar, at the date,
It’s all crashing in, there’s no saving grace.
I pull my sleeves down, trying to hide all the scars.
But what about the wounds in my heart?
That scar isn’t fading, no, it never will.
How do I explain this pain, where should I start?
That night was hell and my stepfather Satan.
As he creeped into my room like a shadow, so dark
A hand over my mouth, all my screams were crushed
My tears mixed with my blood as he left his mark.
I cut myself the next day, my mother’s slap still red on my cheek,
“Liar! Witch! You wretched rat!” She screamed.
As the knife cut through my flesh, I smiled.
Not of wealth or fame but only my innocence I dreamed.
Twenty years from then, here I stand
I didn’t die that day, no, atleast not bodily;
That monster still prowls, that beast so fowl
But I’ve learnt to live and not too shoddily.
I can never again be that girl of nine,
So happy, so carefree, so naive, so ‘fine’
But I won’t stop, won’t give up, no, not again.
I would live, I would shine, a woman with a stain.